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High-Speed. Reliable.

Experience lightning-fast internet speeds with PalmettoLink's Broadband High-Speed Internet. Our fiber internet service provides you with a dedicated line of service for optimal speed and reliability.

Symmetrical Speed
Enjoy the same fast speed for uploads and downloads with our symmetrical speed feature. This ensures that you can upload files, photos, and videos as quickly as you download them.
We understand that every customer has unique broadband needs. That's why we offer easy and affordable plans to cater to your specific requirements. Choose from our various packages to find the one that suits you best.
Stay connected to the internet 24/7 through our solid local network. Our fiber internet service provides you with a reliable and uninterrupted connection, ensuring that you can stream your favorite shows and work from home without any interruptions.
Local Support
At PalmettoLink, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our friendly and reliable technical support team is always here to help you with any issues that may arise. You can trust us to provide you with exceptional customer service.
Enhanced Security
A dedicated broadband connection provides you with enhanced security compared to a shared connection. Your data remains safe and secure with our fiber internet service.
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*Some speeds not available in all areas. All speeds are "up to" speeds and are not guaranteed. There are many factors that may cause actual speeds to vary that are outside of our control such as devices used and external network connections.

Some equipment and/or devices may not be compatible and additional services may be required. Equipment upgrade and additional installation fees may be required and will be quoted prior to installation

All packages are subject to regulatory fees, state, federal, and local fees. With all PRTC services, contracts or equipment charges may be required. Applies only where services are available. Taxes and fees billed separately. Restrictions may apply.